2015 Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale
Photo Hip # Name Color Sex Sire Dam
Eightyfive S 45 Eightyfive S Gray or Roan Broodmare Alphabet Soup Breathless Charm
Holiday Magic 83 Holiday Magic Bay Broodmare Congrats Harliday
Innate Grace 91 Innate Grace Chestnut Broodmare Pulpit Affluent
La Sorella 111 La Sorella Chestnut Broodmare Corinthian Fight to Love
Lucky Strikes Gold 121 Lucky Strikes Gold Chestnut Broodmare Smart Strike Alice Springs
Marvelous Margaret 125 Marvelous Margaret Bay Broodmare Put It Back Port Isabel
Power Lady 155 Power Lady Bay Broodmare Discreet Cat Lady in Power
Reenergize 162 Reenergize Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Bernstein Voyage
Starship Universe 201 Starship Universe Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Mineshaft Sir Harriett
Topic 219 Topic Bay Broodmare Discreet Cat Quiet Maggy
Dynamite Lass 575 Dynamite Lass Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Dynaformer Lismore Lass
Pretty Syrie 741 Pretty Syrie Chestnut Broodmare Street Boss Gatherindy
R Betty Graybull 752 R Betty Graybull Gray or Roan Broodmare Holy Bull Hey Darla
Storm Strip 802 Storm Strip Bay Broodmare Comic Strip Weekend Storm
Tapitbythesea 819 Tapitbythesea Chestnut Broodmare Tapit Haysee
Truly Marie 834 Truly Marie Chestnut Broodmare Hard Spun Truly Blushed
War Flower 854 War Flower Bay Broodmare War Front Daunbeforethemast
Wednesday 856 Wednesday Bay Broodmare Medaglia d'Oro Chandelle
Alpha Mood 883 Alpha Mood Chestnut Broodmare Alphabet Soup Bar U Mood
Chat Me Up 1365 Chat Me Up Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Purim Secret Pact
Damask Rose 1391 Damask Rose Bay Broodmare Touch Gold Perfect Sting
Exchange Cat 1418 Exchange Cat Chestnut Broodmare Exchange Rate Madagascat
Final Fling 1424 Final Fling Bay Broodmare Bertrando Lily La Belle
Fleet Goddess 1427 Fleet Goddess Gray or Roan Broodmare Holy Bull Family Enterprize
Fun in Motion 1438 Fun in Motion Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Orientate Social Director
Gay Duchess 1442 Gay Duchess Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Stephen Got Even Royal Fact
Holy Academy 1462 Holy Academy Bay Broodmare Royal Academy Miss Holy Bull
Lady Mayfair 1501 Lady Mayfair Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Medaglia d'Oro Lady Charade
Lateegra 1510 Lateegra Bay Broodmare North Light (IRE) Nakaba (BRZ)
Milwaukee Woman 1529 Milwaukee Woman Bay Broodmare Milwaukee Brew Wedded Woman
Missteria 1538 Missteria Bay Broodmare Dance With Ravens Cozy Lace
Snit Fit 1637 Snit Fit Gray or Roan Broodmare Yes It's True Mimi's Tizzy
Ultimate Prize 1670 Ultimate Prize Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Smart Strike Queens Full
Wishcraft 1696 Wishcraft Chestnut Broodmare Lion Heart Mary's Dream
Awesome Lassie 1723 Awesome Lassie Bay Broodmare Awesome Again Dynamite Lass
Awesome Selena 1724 Awesome Selena Bay Broodmare Awesome Again Lady Hillingdon
Call My Lawyer 2158 Call My Lawyer Chestnut Broodmare Put It Back American Asset
Dance the Rumba 2199 Dance the Rumba Chestnut Broodmare Tiago Gold Performance
Dancing Feather 2200 Dancing Feather Gray or Roan Broodmare Giacomo Dancing Cherokee
Discreet Senora 2205 Discreet Senora Bay Broodmare Discreet Cat Grandiosa
French Perfume 2251 French Perfume Bay Broodmare Awesome Again Prominent Feather
Ghostly Reflection 2261 Ghostly Reflection Gray or Roan Broodmare Ghostzapper Ringlet
Harbour Belle 2278 Harbour Belle Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Ghostzapper Harbor Girl
Honorary Gallop 2289 Honorary Gallop Bay Broodmare Victory Gallop Honorary Guest
Insolvent 2301 Insolvent Gray or Roan Broodmare Big Brown Refrain
Joseph Joe 2316 Joseph Joe Bay Broodmare Cherokee Run Tiz Twentyfour K
Just Dreaming 2320 Just Dreaming Bay Broodmare Empire Maker Delve
Lady Rouge 2333 Lady Rouge Bay Broodmare Ghostzapper Lady Hillingdon
My Diamond Gal 2379 My Diamond Gal Chestnut Broodmare Concorde's Tune Groom's Gal
Pretty Pretty Girl 2407 Pretty Pretty Girl Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Thunder Gulch Pretty Pretty Lady
Shesabronxbomber 2446 Shesabronxbomber Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Afleet Alex Beppin
Showing the Way 2449 Showing the Way Gray or Roan Broodmare Showing Up Amandola
Silkberry 2450 Silkberry Bay Broodmare Speightstown Allegedly
Speightslegacy 2468 Speightslegacy Chestnut Broodmare Speightstown Enduring Legacy
Amnesian 2542 Amnesian Chestnut Broodmare Bold n' Flashy Filly of the Jag
Amply Rewarded 2543 Amply Rewarded Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Grand Slam Kibitzing
Aunt Augusta 2552 Aunt Augusta Bay Broodmare Einstein (BRZ) Salvadoria
Carmelita 3386 Carmelita Bay Broodmare North Light (IRE) Cathrine's Hope
Cool Brew 3405 Cool Brew Bay Broodmare Milwaukee Brew Mamselle Aries
Downtown Diva 3431 Downtown Diva Gray or Roan Broodmare Giant's Causeway Down
Dusty Rose 3433 Dusty Rose Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Cherokee Run Bear West
Flaming Flag 3448 Flaming Flag Chestnut Broodmare Ghostzapper Karakorum Starlet
Fleet Classic 3450 Fleet Classic Bay Broodmare Sky Classic Fleeting Honey
Float Your Boat 3451 Float Your Boat Bay Broodmare Officer Secret River
Frosted Candy 3465 Frosted Candy Gray or Roan Broodmare Macho Uno Fortune Candy
Heavenly Dream 3485 Heavenly Dream Chestnut Broodmare Singing Saint Bygone Dreams
Inka Rose 3502 Inka Rose Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Plan Validain
Jungle Princess 3519 Jungle Princess Chestnut Broodmare Ghostzapper Jungle Queen
La Musette 3532 La Musette Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Stephen Got Even Unbridled Woman
Light Cat 3537 Light Cat Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Indygo Shiner Delighted Cat
Lovely Welcome 3545 Lovely Welcome Chestnut Broodmare Wilko Lovely Bull
Lubava 3547 Lubava Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Consolidator Hope For
Oh My Enberg 3589 Oh My Enberg Bay Broodmare Tribal Rule Fair Bianca
Pennyworth 3601 Pennyworth Bay Broodmare North Light (IRE) Two Times Won
Pleased as Punch 3610 Pleased as Punch Chestnut Broodmare Pleasant Tap Lordy Lordy
Polyantha Rose 3612 Polyantha Rose Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Tiznow Colina Verde (BRZ)
Quick N Proud 3620 Quick N Proud Gray or Roan Broodmare Proud Citizen Real Quick Pic
Rabiosa 3622 Rabiosa Dark Bay or Brown Broodmare Not For Love Dune Drive Avalon
Showing Home 3670 Showing Home Bay Broodmare Showing Up Yearly Attitude
Showing 3671 Showing Bay Broodmare Showing Up Final Fling
Strolling North 3696 Strolling North Bay Broodmare North Light (IRE) Bettarun Fast
Warmhearted Sandy 3726 Warmhearted Sandy Bay Broodmare Say Florida Sandy Heart Spring
Winning With Style 3732 Winning With Style Bay Broodmare Johannesburg Aaron's Terms
Zippy Jan 3739 Zippy Jan Chestnut Broodmare City Zip Jetto
Askarita 3758 Askarita Bay Broodmare Montbrook Kwestionable Kiss
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